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Get $1000 worth of FREE marketing support for your restaurant
Get $1000 worth of FREE marketing support for your restaurant

Refer us to a restaurant peer and get 1 month of FREE marketing support worth $1000.

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Before explaining how to get $1000 of FREE marketing support.

Let me just point out why it makes sense for your restaurant to have as many as your restaurant friends signing up with ChatFood as well. 

It benefits your restaurant: 

As you know, ChatFood is built as a community. When a customer place an order from one restaurant for the first time, he can then easily place an order from any other restaurant using ChatFood!
No more hassle of adding your address, contact details or credit card again. It's easy! 

58% of customer say they don't order directly from restaurants because of the lack of convenience*. 

This friction point is the main reason why people usually hate to order directly.
 At ChatFood, we help you change that and make it easy for anyone to order directly from your restaurant. 

You now understand why it makes sense for you to have as many as possible of other restaurants using ChatFood.

The more restaurants, the more customers can easily place an order to your restaurant. 

What do you need to do? 

  1. Ask them to sign up here adding your name on the sign up form  / or introduce your restaurant contact to our team at [email protected] 

  2. Wait 30 days that the restaurant is live. 

  3. Our team will contact you to offer our support to help you run ads on Social Media. They will do all the set up of your accounts to properly track results and launch your first ads. 

Cool! No? 

Imagine if you would have the hire a marketing agency to do so... They would probably charge you much more than $1000! 

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