SMS doesn't work!

When we started Chatfood and we were suggesting restaurants to use the phone numbers they had carefully collected over time inside their POS, we always had the same answer.

"Pff... SMS doesn't work. I never get any orders from it"

Fair enough. As a consumer myself, I could barely remember when was the last time I clicked on an SMS I received.

That said, as a tech guy, I live by the data A/B test mantra. Every decision needs to be validated by data. So I wanted to test.

We finally managed to convince a few restaurants to run SMS campaigns to their database and this is what we learned:

1/ It works!

As you can see with the graph below, the spikes are due to SMS campaigns at timely moments. A great way to get a burst of orders on specific days.

2/ It grows your average daily orders.

As you can see also, when the effect of the SMS slows down the average daily orders do not come back at the same point but stays higher. It's even more true if you activate the loyalty system with Chatfood.

3/ It makes your Instagram and Google ads better.

If you're running ads on Instagram on Google and have implemented a proper tracking system (we can help with that if it's not the case!), then all those orders will feed their algorithm so they can find more easily (and at a lower cost!) new consumers who will order from you.

If you have any question, feel free to reach out to your Chatfood customer success specialist so he can help you out.

Happy SMS!

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