You're just a few steps away from being listed on the GEMS Rewards app, and having your food in front of their audience of 110,000+ UAE based families!

Part of the collaboration is a hidden discount code (exclusive to the GEMS network) that is automatically applied, only when accessed from the GEMS Rewards app!

The ChatFood dashboard makes it simple to create and manage all of your active and inactive discount codes. Here's how to create a GEMS Rewards code:

*You need to have at least one outlet published

1. Click on Outlets on the left menu, then select Create a discount

2. Start by typing your discount name and discount code.
You can see how the name looks on the preview on the right.
For the code, it should be obvious that it's for your GEMS partnership.
Try something like GEMS20 or [YourBrand]GEMS20.

3. Next, set the discount's visibility to 'Hidden code'.
This will allow you to reliably track the usages of this code as originating from GEMS Rewards users, and allow you to assess the value of this partnership, without fearing that non-GEMS Rewards families are using it.

4. Now, set the discount type, conditions, and segmentation.
The amount of discount is a required field, but all the other conditions are optional.
The team at GEMS Rewards are suggesting a 20% or greater discount.

5. Specify the period in which the discount will be available.
Since you can always halt your partnership with GEMS at any time, we recommend leaving the 'Number of uses per customer' field blank, as well as the 'Total number of uses' field.

Again, you can always rescind your partnership with GEMS Rewards, and then disable the discount code if you wish!

Press save discount to return to the Discounts manager page, and read on!

6. Copy your hidden and unique discount code by clicking the little hyperlink and paste it back in your already open GEMS Rewards partnership request form!

You can also track how many times this code has been used in the column on the right. Again, this hyperlink enables the code to automatically be applied on checkout, but will only happen when accessing your restaurant via the GEMS Rewards app.

Click here to go back to the form in case you're lost.

Check the full walkthrough on the video below:

After you create this code and paste it in your request form, you're almost ready to be listed in the GEMS Rewards network!

If you're struggling with all this, feel free to reach out to your account manager, or shoot us a message on our support chat via the blue button in the bottom right 😁

If you've made a mistake, or wish to stop your partnership with GEMS Rewards: here's how to edit or delete a discount

To edit a discount, go to the Discounts page and click on the discount you want to edit. To delete it, just click on the discount's bin icon on the right

Tip: You can pause a discount by clicking on its toggle button on the left

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