The first ChatFood mission is to help you sell directly to your customers at 0% commission.

You have 3 ways you can sell to your customers directly.

1. Sell for delivery

Delivery ordering for restaurants is booming these days. Your customers now want to be able to enjoy your great food from the comfort of their homes.

To do so, you can give them a simple way to order for delivery directly from your website, your Instagram page, or any other sales channels you want to activate.

When you activate the delivery mode from ChatFood, you also can enable additional services such as delivery drivers integration.

We can connect you to a network of 10,000+ riders who can easily deliver your orders for you.

No need to have your own drivers anymore to accept delivery orders!

2. Sell for pickup

Sometimes your customers live nearby your restaurants and prefer to pass by to pick-up their food. They will save the delivery fees, and you will save the driver costs.

Win-win for everyone!

3. Sell for dine-in

In COVID time, contactless dine-in has become a must. Some of your customers may not feel comfortable touching physical menus and prefer to access your menu directly from their phones.

Create your menu on ChatFood, generate automatically your QR code you can place on tables or your counter, and let your customers enjoy your great food safely!


Activate your 360 Loyalty program for your customers to collect points when they come for dine-in, delivery, or pick-up.

Once done, automate messages to bring them back for dine-in or delivery and grow your direct online business at 0% commission!

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