Your business' ordering platform on ChatFood can look just like your brand. In the new Branding section, it's possible to customize it any way you want, from colors to text!

Here we explain to you how to do it with simple steps:

1. On your dashboard, hover the mouse over the Marketing section and select Branding.

2. To set a cover image, just click and select the file from your computer. You will be able to position the image the way you prefer!

* Remember that the file needs to be a .jpg or .png weighing up to 1 MB and have at least 450 x 250 px.

3. Select the base and text color. The first is the background color for the buttons, and the second is the color of the text. Here we have a small article explaining the importance of good contrast.

4. If you have the ordering platform installed on your website, you can edit the title and the message on it, as well as the icon.

5. On the right side of the screen, you can see the preview with your changes. If you like it, click on Save and it's ready!

If you still have any questions, reach out to us. We will be glad to help!

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