Sometimes your customers need a bit of an incentive to order from you again. And it's fine, as there are so many choices of restaurants around. Thinking of that, we developed the Reactivation Reminders feature, which will allow you to re-engage with customers who ordered from you before!

When you send an order reminder to a customer at the right moment (before lunch or dinner, for example), there's a good chance they will check it out. If you attach a welcome-back discount to the reminder, bingo! It's another great way to re-engage with customers you want back, keep you on top of their minds, and, of course, increase your sales.

It's very easy to set up reactivation reminders for your outlet. Just follow the steps below:

1. On the sidebar menu, find the Marketing section, then click on "Reactivation reminder".

2. Click on the toggle button to activate the reminder campaign.

3. Below the toggle button, you will customize the reminder settings, like frequency and sending time.

4. To increase the effectiveness of your campaign, you can add a discount to the email. Just select an active discount from the list or create a new one.

5. Want to customize your email? You can!

Click on Customize email, and you will see its edition page. It's possible to change the cover image, subject, content, and more. Once you finish, click on Save email to apply your changes.

Simple, right? But if you still need any help, reach out to us. We will be glad to help! 😉

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