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How to turn your ordering menu into a digital menu?
How to turn your ordering menu into a digital menu?

Learn how to activate your menu for dine-in orders

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With COVID, our world has changed.

In the restaurant world, the biggest change is that, when coming to dine-in, your customers don't want to touch a physical menu anymore.

Your guests want to access your menu online.

To help you with that, we developed a contactless dine-in ordering experience that lets your guests access your menu in your restaurant and place their orders directly from their phones.

That's great, but we know that some of you still want the guests to place the order to your staff.

So, if you only want to let your guest access your menu online and not be able to place an order, YOU CAN!

How to access my digital menu?

1. Go to your outlet section on your dashboard

2. Activate contactless dine-in

3. Copy the link you will see on the right

4. Inside the link, replace dine-in with menus

And here you go!

You get a great digital menu your guests can easily check when scanning a QR code.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us! 😊

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