With QR codes, you allow customers to check your menu and even place orders just by pointing their phone camera to packaging, banners, table tents, and more.

You can create 3 types of QR codes:

  • QR code for the digital menu: It opens your digital menu, which customers can check but not place orders.

  • QR code for delivery and pickup: It opens your ordering page. You can advertise it offline, like on diner tables and counters, packaging, banners, and more.

  • QR code for contactless dining: It opens your contactless dining page. You can use it on table tents or placemats so customers can order directly from the table.

To create a QR code, follow these steps:

1. On your dashboard, go to Marketing and select the QR code option you wish to create.

2. Show off your QR codes by giving them a customized look when adding your brand logo or colors.

3. If you have more than one outlet, find the one you want and click on the

⬇️QR code button. If not, click on Download QR code.

4. The file will be saved on your device and you can use it the way you want!

As always, If you need help, email us at [email protected], and we'll be happy to assist you😉

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