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Payment Links: Securely pay for your purchase with a few clicks.
Payment Links: Securely pay for your purchase with a few clicks.

Easily pay for your purchase when receiving the link from the merchant.

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When receiving a payment request from a merchant, be sure to read all the details stated on the landing page, such as the amount, purpose and description.

If anything is not correctly stated as per purchase made, contact the merchant right away to clarify or rectify.

If all seems correct, simply proceed to payment. If you are not logged in, you may need to register first and add your payment method.

If you are already logged in, simply confirm your payment method by clicking on it or add a new one and proceed to payment. When the payment is successfully completed, you will receive the receipt right away.

What to do if you find the message "Already Paid"?

When landing on the payment link page, you may see a message stating that the link has already been paid.
This can mean 2 things:

  • The link was created to accept a single payment, and that payment has already been done (by you or another customer that may have received the same link)

  • The link was created to accept multiple payments with a limit, and such limit has been reached (meaning all the slots the vendor wanted to sell with that link have been taken).

In any case, we suggest you to contact the vendor to clear it out.

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