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Grid view vs. List view

The two ways to display items in your menu

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List view and grid view are the two ways your menu items can be displayed:

  • List view is the default format of your menu. Items sit below one another with their name, description, and price on the left side; and the item picture on the right side.

  • The grid view is an alternative to the list view. It displays your menu items in two columns of cells arrayed in a vertical and horizontal layout.

You can provide your customers a default view by quickly switching between these options directly from your Dashboard> Settings > Branding > Default menu layout.

Default View from the Dashboard

The option you set is the view that will be displayed to your customers.

Customers regardless of the default, can change the menu view to what they prefer.

As you can see, our platform is pretty intuitive and straightforward. But if you still need any help with the Dashboard, reach out to us via live chat. We'll be happy to help.

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