If you don't have a delivery fleet for your business, ChatFood offers you a solution!

We have partnerships with several delivery companies, giving you integrated access to a fleet of 10k+ drivers in the Dubai region. This is an excellent way for small businesses to go online even if they still don't have a specialized delivery service. And we offer special prices for our partner restaurants :)

Check out our list of delivery companies already integrated with ChatFood and find one that suits you best:

The below delivery companies are already integrated with ChatFood:


Available for: Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Contact: Ahmed Farouq | +971509412294 | getintouch@quiqup.com


Available for: Dubai, AUH, Sharjah, Riyadh, Jeddah, Kuwait City, Bahrain, Oman

Website: https://jeebly.com/our-presence.html

Contact: Raman | +971507748722

Email: raman@jeebly.com


Available for: Dubai, AUH, Bahrain, KSA, Qatar


Dubai - Alfred David | +971526395202 | alfred.david@careem.com

AUH - Niima | +971526758468 | niimatolah.ahamri@careem.com

Special Chatfood offer:

10% Discount on the overall invoice ( Min 200 - 400 Deliveries per month )
20 Free Trips for new and existing partners

*Integration in beta testing phase.

For KSA and Qatar, only dedicated drivers available at the moment.

The below delivery companies will be soon integrated with ChatFood:


Available for: Dubai

Contact: Mo: +971 55 495 9980 | mo@swftbox.com

website: https://www.swftbox.com/


Available for: Dubai, Sharjah

Contact: Val | +971565485597 | sales2@tawseel.ae


Available for: Dubai

Contact: Muhammad Waseem | +971564412915 | muhammad.waseem@courioo.com

Available for: Dubai, Sharjah, AUH, AL Ain, RAK

Contact: Hussein | +971567217767 | chaaban@innablink.com

Hey Karry

Available for: Dubai

Contact: +971504590211 | sales@heykarry.com


Al Shrouq Express

Available for: Riyadh, Jeddah

Name: Ahmad Khanfar

Email: ahmad@alshrouqexpress.com

Phone: +966541196497

For Kuwait


Available for: Kuwait City

Name: Fahad Alrefai

Phone: +96566000095

E-mail: falrefai@mashkor.com

Website: www.mashkor.com

Our list of delivery companies is continuously growing, so keep checking for newly available options. And if you have any questions, reach out to us!

Delivery company? Want to be listed here? Please send an email here: partners@chatfood.io

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