How do I reject or cancel an order I cannot fulfill?

If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot create a customer’s order you can click the reject or cancel button at any time. The transaction will be canceled and a message will be sent to the customer explaining why their order was canceled or rejected, the reason for which will be supplied by you. The cancel button can be found by clicking the more button at the bottom of the order sheet which gives you the option of canceling the order or closing it. The cancel button can be pressed at any stage of the order and customers will either be refunded their money if they have paid in advance online or will not be affected if they intended to pay upon delivery. 

What do I do if a customer cancels their order?

Similar to the answer above you can just click the cancel button which is accessed through the more button at the bottom of the order sheet. When you cancel a message will be sent to the customer informing them that their order was canceled and if they paid online the money will be returned to their account. 

How do I give my customer a refund if the order has already been completed?

Refunds can be requested only for orders that were completed (marked as Delivered) and can be done in full value or partial value.

To request a refund, follow these steps:

  • Find the order in your Order History screen;

  • Open the Order Card by clicking the order in the table;

  • Click Help > Request Refund;

  • Fill in the form that will appear.

Once the form is submitted, the refund will be done under 24h (except Fridays, which then may take 48h).

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