You can manage your outlets on your dashboard and customize them just the way you want. Here we will explain how.

1. View and add outlets

You have a list of all your outlets. Take a look:

To add a new outlet, access the Outlets page and click on the Add new outlet button on the right. It'll open a page where you'll be able to add all the information needed to put your new outlet up and running on our system. You can see the steps you completed and the next ones. Once you have completed them all, just click on Publish outlet!

2. Manage your information

Using almost the same steps from adding a new outlet, you can also edit your outlets' existing pages. On the Outlets page, click on the name of the outlet you want to edit. Once you finish editing, click on Save changes, and it's ready :)

There's a new menu on the left that will lead you to specific information sections you can edit for your outlets, like delivery modes, areas, integration, and more!

3. Add outlet location

Now we have an integration with Google Maps API! In the outlet settings, select Address on the left, type your outlet's name, and we will automatically search for it or locate your outlet on the map. That way, we will connect your customers' orders to their nearest outlet, help them locate you to pick up their orders, and ensure delivery drivers reach your exact location!

4. Activate ordering modes

You can set up your ordering modes just the way you want them. In the outlet settings, just click on the ordering mode you wish to edit. You will be able to select payment methods, set operation hours, preparation, and delivery time!

Tip 🥕

  • If there are any setbacks while operational, for either delivery or pickup, you can go to your Pause new orders on the navigation. The ordering mode will still be visible. However, customers will not be allowed to place an order, giving you time to resolve any issues and get back up and running.

If delivery and pickup work the same way on your outlet, click on Copy settings from… so you don't need to edit everything twice.

And if you no longer offer one of the ordering modes, click on the toggle button on the top of the page. When the toggle is green, the ordering mode is enabled, and customers can select it. When the toggle is grey, the ordering mode is disabled and invisible to the customers. You'll also get a message on the screen warning about the changes you've made.

5. Activating/deactivating outlets

If you need to deactivate an outlet for a while, access the Outlets page, click on the outlet you want to edit, and click on the toggle button on the left. You'll also get a message on the screen warning about the changes you've made. Easy, right?

Tips 🥕

  • To allow your outlet to be visible for customers to start ordering from you, just set it as "Active" by switching the toggle green

  • If you no longer wish for your outlet to be available for online ordering, switch the toggle to "Inactive".

If you have any questions, need some help, or want to give feedback, contact us. We're looking forward to hearing from you! 🙃

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