Discounts are a great way to attract new customers or bring back old ones. On your restaurant's ChatFood dashboard, you can create new discounts and advertise them everywhere with just a few clicks. Find out more below!

Why and when use discounts?

Discounts are known as one of the best ways to increase sales. You give up on a small profit margin, but the return is always worth it, as many people love to get better prices whenever possible. Besides, offering discounts can boost customer loyalty.

You can use discounts to:

  • Attract new customers to your business: Promote your restaurant by offering a discount for the customers' first order(s). It's an excellent incentive for them to try out your dishes!

  • Bring back old customers: Want to remind your existing customers about your restaurant? Send them a discount code. They will feel special :)

  • Advertise new dishes and combos: Give an extra incentive for customers to try an item you just added to your menu by offering a discount. If they buy a combo, do the same!

  • Encourage customers to place larger orders: Offer special discounts for high minimum value orders. That way, customers will buy something extra to reach the value and get a discount!

  • Apologize for an order issue: Mistakes happen, but there's always a way to remediate them. Offering great customer service and a discount code to a customer who had a problem with an order can help get them back!

These are just some suggestions on how to use discounts to boost your sales. You can get creative and use the discounts page on your ChatFood dashboard any way you want. Learn how to do it with the instructions below.

How to create a discount

Creating a new discount on your dashboard is simple. Just follow these steps:

*You need to have at least one outlet published

1. Click on Discounts on the left menu, then select Create a discount

2. Start by typing your discount name and discount code. Notice that you can see how the name looks on the preview. Also, if you don't want to create a discount code yourself, click on Generate, and we will come up with a code for you.

3. Next, set the discount's visibility. You can choose whether the discount will be automatically or manually applied or will be hidden. The last one is good if you want to share the code on your social networks or with an influencer or apologize for an issue with an order.

4. Now, select the types of orders and the outlets that will be eligible to use the discount.

5. Then, set the discount type and amount. Minimum order value and maximum discount are optional fields.

6. After that, set the items that will be eligible for the discount. You can select all items from your menu or select a few that you want to get the discount on.

7. Next, select whether the discount will be available for all customers or just the new ones, and how many times each customer can use the discount.

8. For last, set the period in which the discount will be available. If you want, you can also set how many times it can be used in total by all customers.


- Discounts are applied only to the basket and not the delivery fee

- You can use either discount or loyalty, never both.

How to edit or delete a discount

To edit a discount, go to the Discounts page and click on the discount you want to edit. To delete it, just click on the discount bin icon on the right.

Tip: You can pause a discount by clicking on its toggle button on the left.

Check the full walkthrough on the video below:

Creating and advertising discounts is very easy, and it can bring great results to your business!

If you need any help setting them up, reach out to us 😉

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