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Dashboard not ringing

The most common causes for the dashboard to not ring when a new order is placed are due to hardware issues or configuration. Please see below the most frequent reasons and try to avoid them.

  • Temporary connection issues

  • Staff closed the browser/tab

  • Browser tab or device with no sound (muted)

  • Same login is active on multiple devices

  • A device is used for other media tasks other than order ringing (for example, to play music in the store);

  • Browser configuration automatically blocks non-active tabs/screens from making sounds or receiving events (open source help here);

  • Apple devices: Factory settings on Apple devices may affect the incoming order or order ringing. Apple systems aim to protect Safari user by blocking them from unwanted notifications, both visual and sounds. If you will acquire new hardware to use ChatFood, we recommend Android-based tablets or Windows OS. Note that this is not a rule, and most of the cases using Apple devices have successful operations.

To test your hardware, you can visit the section Pause New Orders and click the button Test Hardware to confirm that the ringer is working properly.

Order disappeared from Live

Orders disappear naturally from the Live screen when they are completed (Completed, Rejected, or Canceled). Unexpected disappearing is normally due to the following reasons:

  • Staff clicks on the Close button on the order: this action marks the order as Delivered and completes it, without sending the completion SMS to the customer. Normally should not be used. (Check this link for more information)

  • Auto-rejection due to timeout: If an ASAP order isn't accepted under the set timeout minutes, usually set as 7min, the system will automatically reject the order to guarantee that the consumer does not hang on the other side waiting for a confirmation that will never come. Orders should be accepted as fast as possible to avoid this.

Needs another customer contact

Customers sign up to ChatFood via a verified phone number that's displayed on the order card. ChatFood does not request any other number from the customer, which in turn means the information the business has on the customer is the only information available. ChatFood doesn't have any other phone number to provide in case the customer's phone number shown in the order card isn't reachable or international.

Cannot reach the customer

If a customer must be reached but the business can't do it, whether it's because the customer isn't picking up or the number is an international one, the order needs to be canceled from the business dashboard by the staff.

Proper screening of the order before accepting it and calling the customer at the acceptance stage is advisable, to avoid producing food that can't reach the customer for any reason.

The address is not clear

In the order card, the address always ends with the delivery area selected by the customer during the purchase. If that's not enough or isn't clear, please contact the customer at the number found on the order card to clarify.

Discount after the first order

When configuring discount details, the business can choose the option New customers. If that's not selected, customers can decide to remove the discount during the purchase journey and use it in the future. For example, if a discount is set to be used a maximum of 2 times:

  • If the New customers option is active, the system will validate the first and second orders as eligible to use the discount. The discount won't be available for the 3rd order, no matter if the customer used it or not in the first and second orders

  • If the New customers option isn't active, customers can either use the discount in their next 2 orders (first orders or not) or decide to not use it at the moment and use it in the future, considering the voucher's expiration date.

Orders received out of store operational time

You should set your outlet opening time to the first time slot you can deliver an order. By doing that, you enable your customers to visit your menu at any time and place an order in advance. Also, in this case, you don't need to close your store by the end of the day, as the system will automatically manage the timing and postpone orders to the next day if necessary.

If you don't want to receive orders out of operational time placed for the next possible outlet opening, go to the Pause New Orders section and close the outlet at the end of the shift. Note that, by doing so, you may lose orders from customers coming earlier to your menu.

Example: If your store is set to open at 12:30 (the first delivery is possible at 12:30):

  • If your store is open and configured correctly, a customer visiting your menu at 10:00 am can place an order scheduled for 12:30, and you don't lose that sale

  • If your store is closed, the customer won't be able to place an order planned for their lunch ahead, and you may lose that customer.

💡 Note: Scheduled orders are not auto-rejected after 5 minutes.

Refund an order

Asking for refunds is only necessary if the order has been completed or closed. Rejected or canceled orders are automatically refunded so no request is necessary.

Refunds are done under 24h after being requested from the dashboard. To request a refund, open the Order Card > Help (top right corner) > Request Refund.

Reject or cancel an order I can't fulfill

You can click on the Reject or Cancel button at any time. The transaction will be canceled and the customer will get a message explaining what happened (you will select the reason once you reject the order). If the customer paid online, they will get a refund, and if not, they won't be affected.

What do I do if a customer cancels their order?

On the order details, just click on the Cancel button. The customer will get a message informing them that their order was canceled, and if they paid online they will get a refund.

As always, If you need help, email us at [email protected], and we'll be happy to assist you 😊

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