Imagine if 70% of the people who enter your restaurant would look at your menu, sit down, ask questions to your team, start placing their order ... and finally leave!

It would be super frustrating right?

Fortunately, this does not happen much offline but it's common practice in an online world.

On average, between 60 to 70% of customers who will visit your digital menu will leave without placing an order.

Adding your Facebook Pixel is your solution to convert more visitors into buyers.

How does it work?

The Facebook pixel is a small piece of code that you can drop on your website or ChatFood menu (Follow the steps here to implement it), that enables you to register every visit on your online assets and every action that is taken by the user.

For instance, it will create an audience of everyone who came to your ChatFood menu and did not place an order.

Why is it useful?

Someone who visited your website or your Chatfood menu is probably the easiest person to finally convince to order from you. You want to keep in touch.

By installing the pixel, you will create this audience that you can then use to run ads to those same people on Instagram or Facebook.

Cool no?

What's even better?

The second very good effect of the Facebook pixel is that it also records all the people who actually placed an order!

From there, Facebook offers you an amazing tool called "LOOKALIKE" that helps you find on Facebook or Instagram people who look like your customers and allows you to run ads to them.

Once you have shared enough conversion data to Facebook or Instagram you can be sure that this targeting will be your most efficient ads channel.

Most restaurants see Return on Investment of 5 to 10X with it.


So, what are you waiting for?

Click here and implement your Facebook pixel!

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