Item not showing in the menu

If you don't see an item in your menu online, there may be 3 reasons for that:

  • The item isn't attached to any category: For items to be part of a menu and be displayed for order, you need to add them to a category

  • The item isn't enabled for one or more outlets in the item settings: When creating or editing an item, you may choose to not have them in the menu for specific stores. Check your item details and edit the toggled outlets if necessary

  • The item isn't active in the inventory: Check the Inventory, for all outlets if necessary, to see if the item is not turned off.

Turn off a full category

Although turning off a whole category isn't available on the Inventory page, you can still achieve it under Menu Builder > Menus > Categories.

For any category, find the three-dots menu, click and select Outlets, and deactivate the category for the outlets you want.

Turn off for a set time

Inventory management is currently manual, meaning that you must turn on and off the items intently. Currently, it's not possible to set a pre-defined period for how long the items will be off.

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