How to export my order history

Although currently is not possible to export your order history from the dashboard, you may request access to a support report, called GDS DataCenter. To do request it, simply write to [email protected] mentioning the term "GDS DataCenter" in your request.

Once you have access, simply visit the section Order Details and right-click to download one or more data reports.

How to change an order status

Order statuses can be changed only under extreme conditions, and proper reason to do so must be provided in written form by the Account Owner. The request must come from the Account Owner registered email; any other request will be voided.

To request a change of status, please write to [email protected]. ChatFood can reserve up to 10 days to act on the request, following the availability of the Technical Team.

Cannot find an order on my order history screen

The Order History screen will load data once you click on Search. Make sure the filters on the top of the screen are set correctly to find the order(s) you're looking for.

Another reason can be because you don't have access to the outlet that received the order. To get access, please reach out to your Account Owner, who will take the necessary measures.

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