In the dashboard, you can draw the areas your outlets' delivery covers. That way, once a customer selects a delivery area, their order will go automatically to the nearest outlet available.

To set up delivery areas, follow these steps:
⚠️ You need to have Delivery enabled in your outlet.

1. In the Outlets section, find the outlet you want to edit, click on the pencil icon at its right, then click on Delivery areas.

2. This is the page where you can see and manage all delivery areas.

To add a new area, click on Add delivery area.

3. Now, add a name for this delivery area, set the delivery fee, minimum basket value (order value minus delivery fee), and draw on the map the area that will have these settings.

Your outlet is at the center of the blue square. To draw the delivery area, click on the sides or edges and drag them to create a polygon. To undo your previous action, click on the grey arrow. You can also click on the polygon and drag it anywhere.

When you finish, click on Create delivery area.

⚠️ You can only draw one delivery area at a time.

4. This delivery area is now available on the listing page. If you are overwhelmed with orders and need to reduce your delivery coverage for a short period, you can decide which area shouldn't be available by switching it off.

You can also do this for more than one area by selecting them and clicking on the toggle button of any selected area.

⚠️ Orders from overlapping delivery areas:

- If the delivery fee of overlapping areas is the same, then the area with the lowest minimum basket value will get assigned.

- If both delivery fee and minimum basket values are the same, then the area that was created first will be assigned.

5. To edit a delivery area, click on the pencil icon to the right and make the necessary changes. When you finish, click on Save area. To delete an area, click on the trash icon to the right and confirm that you want to delete the area.

7. You can also bulk edit/delete areas by selecting them and clicking on any of the action buttons.

Check out a walkthrough video here:

If you need any help, reach out to us via chat! 😉

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