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Data Reports

Export and download your detailed data

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In this article, you can learn how to get access to extract and download your data, which datasets are currently available and how to activate support if needed.

To access the reports, in your Account Owner or Administrator Dashboard go to Reports section:


To download your data, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click Create Report;

  2. Select the time frame desired: you can pick a pre-defined period or select a custom one;

  3. Click Create Report;

☝️ The report generated will have .csv format.

* for more on CSV files, click here.

Your report will be prepared and an email will be sent to you once ready. If you prefer, you can also refresh the screen to see if it's ready. The tag creating will change to a download button in that case.

Each report scope holds up to 5 of the last generated reports and the dataset of each one is fixed.

Once a report is created, 3 main information are logged into the record:

  1. Data time frame requested;

  2. Date of request;

  3. User that requested;

πŸ’‘ TIP: Users can see reports generated by other peers.

Currently available reports

  • Order History: all the most relevant details about each order of your businesses;

  • Customer Details: all relevant data about your customers;

  • Items Sales: your sales information at item level;

  • Customer Ratings: all details, feedbacks and answers from your customers ratings/reviews.

Reports coming next

  • Loyalty Transactions: information about each loyalty point transaction of your businesses;

Support, Feedback & Requests

For any feedback or improvements request, please write to [email protected] or open a chat with us via Live Chat.

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