The ChatFood dashboard contains features that can be useful only for certain employees from your business. Because of that, we created user roles with different levels of access.

Now, dashboard users can be:

Account owner: Has full access to all features and can invite new users. It's a unique role, which belongs to the person who created the ChatFood account.

Administrator: Can access and manage all dashboard features (except Billing and User management) for selected businesses.

Manager: Can access Live orders, Inventory, Order history, Marketing (except adding a sale channel), and CRM from all or some businesses, which will be defined by the account owner.

Staff: Can access Live orders, Inventory, and Order history from all or some outlets, which will be defined by the account owner.

The process of adding new users is very simple:

1. On your dashboard navigation menu, go to the Users section and click on Invite users.

2. Now, add the user's email and select the role they will have. Once you finish, click on Send invite.

💡 If you want to add several users at once, you can add more than one email by pressing Enter. But remember that they will all have the same role.

4. The user will then receive an email with instructions to create their account. Once they follow all the steps, their access to the ChatFood dashboard will be ready!

💡 If you want to edit a user or an invitation, you just need to select it on the user list.

Need help? Check our FAQ here or reach out to us via chat!

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