You can connect your Instagram account to your ChatFood Commerce Inbox to start managing DMs, story mentions, and launch marketing that drives growth and engage your followers.


Before you connect your Instagram to Commerce Inbox, please ensure that you meet all the following requirements:

  • Link your Instagram account to a Facebook page for which you have admin rights.

  • Make sure that your Instagram is a Business account, not a personal or a Creator account.

  • Make sure you have allowed access to messages in your Instagram account. You can check that by going to your Instagram Business account and:

    • Go to Settings > Privacy > Messages;

    • And check that the Allow Access to Messages toggle is on.


To connect your Instagram account, follow these steps:

1. Open your ChatFood Dashboard and go to Inbox;

2. Click on Connect Instagram.

You'll be redirected to Facebook to grant ChatFood the required permissions - make sure you grand them all.

3. Select the Facebook Page that is linked to your Instagram Business Account and click on Connect.

4. Customize the automated welcome message that will be sent to users when they send a DM on your Instagram account.

5. Once you complete the above steps, you'll be automatically redirected to your Commerce Inbox with your Instagram account connected to it allowing you to manage all new incoming DM's and Story mentions.


I cannot see my Instagram account in the Facebook popup. Why is that?

Only Instagram business accounts will appear in the list of accounts available to be selected in the Facebook popup. If you don't have one, follow this article to convert your Instagram account into a business type.

I'm seeing an error "(#100) The page is not linked to an Instagram account or the instagram account type is not a business" after selecting the page to connect to the Commerce Inbox.

This is because the page you selected is not linked to the Instagram account you previously selected or the Instagram account type linked to it is not a business.

You can follow this article to link an Instagram business account to a Facebook page.

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