A messaging window policy is a rule defined by Facebook to regulate when you can send messages to your users. When a user sends a message to your business on WhatsApp or Instagram, the messaging window kicks off during which you can send free-form (any type of text) messages to your users.

On WhatsApp, the messaging window period lasts for 24 hours after the last message received from a user. And, on Instagram, the window is extended to 7 days after the last message.

Outside of the messaging window, you may only send a message using pre-approved message templates to the users. These message templates are submitted to Facebook for approval prior to use and must follow the WhatsApp policy for business-initiated conversations.

Sending message templates in the Commerce Inbox

When a conversation is outside the messaging window policy, the message composer will be disabled, and the option to reopen the conversation will appear at the bottom section of the conversation.

You can then, select an existing template and send it to the user.

Creating message templates

If you want to customize or create new message templates, simply reach out to us using the live chat on your Dashboard, or send us an email to support@chatfood.io and our team will assist you.

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