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Business settings
Business settings

Manage all of your business details such as name, language, and more!

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If you're an account owner or administrator of a business, you can edit its details with just a few clicks, and all changes go live instantly. It's a simple way to make necessary changes yourself and always keep your settings up to date!

Here's how to edit your settings:

1. On the sidebar menu, go to Settings and select Business settings.

2. To change your business' logo, which will be visible on your ordering page, you can click on the arrow box or drag and drop an image. You'll be able to edit the image size before the upload's complete.

3. For the Details part, you can edit almost every field:

  • Business name: That's the name all customers will see when they open your business' ordering page.

    ⚠️ Avoid changing your business name too often as your indexation on Google can be negatively affected. It means customers might not find your ordering page when they look for it on Google Search, for example.

  • Business website: Customers won't see this link, but our team might eventually check it to find ways to improve your sales. 😊

  • Ordering page link: This is the preview link that customers will use to order from you. When setting up your sales channels, you can find an individual link for each channel (i.e., Instagram, WhatsApp) on the Sales channel page.
    πŸ’‘ By using the correct ordering page links, soon you'll be able to track your sales by channel on the Dashboard. Keep an eye on our updates!

  • Ordering page language: This is the language that customers will see on our ordering page.

  • Business type: What do you sell? Here you can select your business type from one of the options: Restaurant, bakery, butchery, dessert shop, grocery, meal plans, florist, retail, or others.

4. If you have a restaurant, the Cuisines part allows you to select up to 3 cuisine items your restaurant offers. Note: This information will be used only in UAE to help customers find your business on the Support Local Restaurants page.

5. Once you finish making changes, click on Save settings, and you're good to go!

If you still need any help or want to ask a question, reach out to us via live chat. πŸ˜‰

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