When your business offers a benefit for returning customers (besides your great service 😊), chances are that they'll come back soon. With ChatFood, you can have your own loyalty program where your customers collect credits and use them next time they order from you.

Suppose you want to encourage new customers to order from you. In that case, it's also possible to use the loyalty program to offer a credit they can use upon signup.

Once your customers sign up and order, they can see how much credit they'll get, and at the checkout, they'll be able to choose their loyalty balance or a discount code instead.

Before activating the loyalty program for your business, you'll be able to set its rules:

  • Order percentage that becomes loyalty credits

  • Maximum discount per order

  • Expiration date.

To set up and activate, reach out to us via live chat, and we'll be happy to help! 😉

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