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Reviews: all your customer's feedback in one place
Reviews: all your customer's feedback in one place

The Reviews page is the place to go to check every feedback left by your customers, helping you offer a great customer service

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When running your business, few things are more important than hearing back from your customers. With the Reviews page, you can be on top of every single review and feedback you receive from your customers, for any service, from Delivery to Pay-at-Table.

Checking this page every day will help you assess great reviews and also the bad ones, so you can offer better customer service by reaching to your customers to keep them close and satisfied.

Let's see how it works. To start, log in to your dashboard and find the new Review section in the navigation bar on the left.

The page is very straightforward: you will land on a view with some quick analytics about your all-time reviews on the right, and the last 10 reviews in the center. Every new review will be shown on top, making it easier for you to find them. You can also use the filters to find more relevant results. To access older reviews, simply use the pagination at the bottom of the page.

The initial review box tells you:

  • the rating given, from 1 to 5

  • when it was given

  • any extra comment left by the customer

  • the service from where the review comes from. Available services are Dine In Ordering, Dine In Payment (Pay at Table), Delivery, and Pickup.

Getting more details

To see more details, you can click on Show Details at the bottom of each review's box.

In addition to the information already displayed on the main page, here you can see more details about the customer, such as their phone number and email, as well the exact date of the review and the store that provided the service.

Also, in the case of Delivery, Pickup, and Dine In Ordering, you can click the order ID number to open the Order and check any details you may need from it.


You can filter the reviews by their rating, their service type, and the presence of a comment or not.

To filter you can either use the controls on top or simply click on any of these elements (stars, service type) anywhere on the screen. Even in the chart, you can click the rating bar to filter it.

Start using your Reviews page right now to keep providing superb customer service to your patrons!

For any doubts, contact us at [email protected]

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