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How to create and manage modifier lists
How to create and manage modifier lists

Learn how to create, edit, and delete modifier lists

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Modifier lists are an easy way for you to organize your modifiers into categories that can be attached to an item. Items can have many modifier lists attached to them. For example, a milkshake can have a modifier list with sizes (small, medium, large) and toppings (sprinkled chocolate, whipped cream, etc).

Creating a modifier list

1. On the navigation menu, find the Menu builder and select Modifier lists. Then, click on Create.

2. Add the names for your list. There are two naming options: Name and Display name. The Name field will be visible only for your team, and the Display name field will be visible for your customers.

3. Set the Min. modifiers and Max modifiers. The Min. Modifiers field is the minimum amount of modifiers a customer needs to select, and the Max. modifiers field is the maximum amount.

4. If the customer can pick more than modifier, check the Multiple selection checkbox. If the customer is allowed to pick only one modifier, leave the box unchecked. When you finish, click on Save.

5. The list is almost ready. Now, to add modifiers to it, click on Add modifier and select the modifiers that you've previously created and will be part of the list.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: You can change a modifier's price from within the modifier list by clicking on the existing price. It's also possible to remove the modifier from the list by clicking on the cross next to the price. This will only remove it from the current modifier list, and not delete it permanently.

Editing/deleting a modifier list

To edit a modifier list, like changing the price, description, etc, click on View > Edit. When you finish your changes, click on Save to apply them.

If you want to delete a modifier list, simply click on Delete and confirm.

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