Under the Menu Builder, the Items and modifiers section is where you come to create items and modifiers for your menu.

Items are the individual dishes/products that will appear on your menu.

Creating items and modifiers 

1a. When first setting up your business, it's easier to import all of your items and modifiers in bulk than creating them one by one. Click here to download a CSV template that you can fill out. To import, click on Import and select the file on your computer. But if you prefer to create all items and modifiers from scratch, click on the Create button. You will be redirected to the item creation page.

2. Enter the name of the item. It will be visible to everyone who sees your menu. You can also add emojis if you want. 😁

3. Below the Name field, select whether this is an Item or Modifier

4. Set the price of your item or modifier. Be careful to include the decimal points, such as 20.00 rather than just 20 as that will cause you issues.
Note: Make sure you put the item price with the inclusion of the 5% VAT or respective tax applicable for your country.

5. Below the price field, you can enter a description of your item (modifiers don't have this option). Anything you add there will show up on the menu underneath the item name. This is an excellent place to share general descriptions as well as ingredients, nutritional information, or even allergen concerns. 

6. On the right, there is a box with a picture of a knife and fork on it. Click on it to select a picture from your computer. Note that pictures can't exceed a 5 MB size and must have a minimum of 550 x 440 pixels. The pictures will also be cut to a square, so we advise you to not use images captured in portrait mode. 

7. Lastly, click on the Save button underneath all the fields you have completed. You will be redirected to a page where you can either continue editing the item, like attaching modifier lists, create a new item/modifier, or return to the general list by clicking on the Back button. 

Editing/deleting items and modifiers

To edit an item/modifier, like changing the price, description, etc, click on View > Edit. When you finish your changes, click on Save to apply them.

If you want to delete an item, simply click on Delete and confirm.

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