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Structuring your menu is similar to a pyramid. Each component stacks on top of one another until you have a complete menu. Here I will take you through the basics of creating a menu for your business and direct you to articles that thoroughly explain all the steps, one by one.

On the base of the pyramid, you have the modifiers. They are basic customizations that are attached to menu items that change them in some way. Some examples include sizes of drinks, add-ons to a pizza, or even how spicy you want your chicken wings to be. 

Modifiers are then organized into modifier lists which group all the modifiers together that have a connection to a specific menu item and control how it is customized. For example, you can have drink sizes as the modifier list and small, medium, and large as the modifiers within that list. It's possible to have as many modifiers to a modifier list and as many modifier lists to an item as you want. 

As stated above, the modifier lists are added to the items on your menu. Items are what customers see when they want to order an item, such as a margarita pizza or a cheesecake. Items are then organized into categories of a menu such as starters, main dishes, or desserts. Once the items are all in their categories you can add the categories to your menu and complete it.

As you can see, each section feeds into a much larger whole and finally creates a menu. Each stage of the menu creation process will be further explained in detail in the individual stages listed above. 

If you have more questions, reach out to us. We will be happy to help you. 😊


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