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How to create menus and categories
How to create menus and categories

Build your menus and categories with a few steps

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The Menu section is used to create menus and organize your items into categories. 

☝🏼 Updates: now you can create multiple menus and link them
individually to any outlet and ordering service you like!

Creating a menu

1. On the Menus section, click on Create.

You can create multiple menus and use them in specific stores and more, in specific ordering services. This means that you can create one menu for Dine-In in Store A and another menu for Delivery in Store B.

Have this in mind when starting to create new Menus. (For more about Default menus and overlaps, check this section).

2. Add a name* for the menu and notes, if needed. These notes will show on your landing page and are intended to give more details about your menu or store details, conditions about the service you provide, etc.

The notes field allow basic HTML for text formatting.

*names are limited to 25 characters

3. If you want to use this menu just for specific stores or specific ordering services, you can click on Connections. Simply select the ones you want this menu to work on and click Save Connections.

(note: if another menu was currently set to the selections your are making, this new selection will override any previous connection).

4. To create a category, start by typing in its name, then click Create.

You can add as many categories as you need.

5. To edit or delete your categories, click on the three dots on the right side of the screen, in line with the category’s title. Add more items and set which outlet will show the category, or delete the whole category.

💡Tip: The outlet selection is great if you only offer a certain menu at some locations, or if some of your outlets are ghost kitchens and have limited menus compared to your regular kitchen.

6. To add items to a category, click on Add item, and select all the items that will be part of the category. Once you've selected all the items, click on Add items button. You will be able to change their order by dragging up and down the icon on the left. To remove the item from the category, click on the cross icon on the right.

7. The first menu you create will be set automatically as default. You can always change that later if you create more menus.

To make a menu live, switch the toggle ON in the Menu list.

The Default menu will always be ON. To change that:

  • Turn ON another menu.

  • Mark that menu as Default.

  • Then you can switch off the previous menu, which is not the default anymore.

Defaults and Overlaps

  • The first default must always be set by you. We recommend not going live without a default.

  • The default menu will always be ON.

  • The default menu will show to all stores and services that does not have an specific menu connected to it, so you are always covered and your customers always find a menu.

If you need further help, reach out to us! 😉

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