The Menu section is used to create menus and organize your items into categories. 

These categories allow you to group items, and that way, you have more individual control over the menu.

It's also possible to limit categories to certain outlets, creating unique menus based on your customers' location, or create categories to highlight specific items, such as best-sellers or holiday events for limited timeframes. 

Creating a menu

1. On the Menus section, click on Create.

2. Add a name for the menu (which will be visible to your team only), and select ChatFood as the platform. When you finish, click on Save.

3. Once you save the menu, you will be able to create categories to group your items. To create a category, in the field New category, add the name of the category, and click on Create. Repeat this until you have created all of your categories.

4. To edit or delete your categories, click on the three dots on the right side of the screen, in line with the category’s title. Add more items and set which outlet will show the category, or delete the whole category.

💡Tip: The outlet selection is great if you only offer a certain menu at some locations, or if some of your outlets are ghost kitchens and have limited menus compared to your regular kitchen.

5. To add items to a category, click on Add item, and select all the items that will be part of the category. Once you've selected all the items, click on Add items button. You will be able to change their order by dragging up and down the icon on the left. To remove the item from the category, click on the cross icon on the right.

6. To publish your menu, click on Back, find the menu you've just created, and click on publish.

⚠️ Note: There can only be one menu live at a time, and publishing any menu will override the current live menu. Live menus can be edited at any time so you don't need to disable them to make any changes.

If you need further help, reach out to us! 😉

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