ChatFood offers you an ordering widget, which allows customers to place orders directly from your website, and with just a few clicks.

To set it up is really simple, check it out:

1. On the Sales channels page, click on Website Ordering. You will see a page like the one below, with the tabs Design and Install.

2. The tab Design allows you to change the widget's look. You can change the colors of the button, the first message customers will see when it pops up, and the icon on the right. You can customize it just the way you want!

3. The tab Install will guide you to correctly install the widget on your website. It's pretty simple, but if you want help from your webmaster, click on Send instructions so we can send the guide to them.

Check out the full walkthrough video:

As you can see, there are many possibilities with the new widget edition, and you can install it easily with our instructions. But if you need further help, reach out to us 😁

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