We created the Contactless Dining feature to help you serve your dine-in customers safely during new times. Allow them to check your menu, place an order, and pay without any physical contact.

With Contactless Dining, customers use their smartphones to scan your QR code which we automatically generate for you, and you can print and display this as a branded table tent. The code will open your menu and allow them to select what they want, place their order, and even pay for it directly from their phones.

You won't need to print and hand out menus, or use card machines, and have all the hassle of disposing of or cleaning them after. That way, your staff, and your customers can feel safer 😀

And it's pretty simple to activate the feature! Check it out:

1. On the Outlets section, select the outlet for which you want to enable the feature, then click on Contactless Dining. Enable it by clicking on the toggle button at the top of the page

2. After that, you can set opening hours, just like you've set them on Order for delivery and Order for pickup :)

3. Click here to know how to generate a QR code, which you can print and leave it on the tables. That way, to see the menu and place their orders, customers just need to point their cameras to the code!

You can start setting up the Contactless Dining for your restaurant on your dashboard. And if you need any help, email us at [email protected], and we'll be happy to assist you 😊

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