Can I have an item customization inside another customization? (2-level modifier list)

The menu structure allows only one level of customization. Such structure has the following levels: Menu > Category > Item > Modifier list > Modifiers.

How to create separate menus per outlet?

You can segregate/exclude both items and categories from one or more outlets.

To create separate menus per outlet, first, you must create a full menu, which will be the combination of all menus of all outlets. After that, you can remove items or categories for each outlet:

  • To remove at an item level, go to the Item details, find the section Outlets, and switch on/off the toggles for each outlet.

  • To remove a full category, go to Menus, find the category you want to remove, click on the 3-dots button, and select Outlets. Switch on/off the toggles for the outlets.

An item doesn't show in the menu

You can find the answer for this in the FAQ - Inventory article.

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