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How to add and verify your domain on Facebook Business Manager
How to add and verify your domain on Facebook Business Manager

You can set up your domain on Facebook with just a few steps

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Before setting up Facebook and Instagram's connections to ChatFood, it's important to add your domain to the Facebook Business Manager and get it verified.

The process is very simple, and you can find it below:

1. In the Business Manager, click on Settings [gear icon] > Business Settings.

2. Another tab will open with your Business Settings page. Click on Brand Safety > Domains.

3. Click on the Add button, and enter the domain in the Add a Domain pop-up.

4. If you have more than one domain listed, select the domain you want to confirm ownership, then choose the method you wish to use to verify it: meta-tag, HTML file upload, or DNS TXT verification.

6. Follow the steps shown for the verification method you've selected, then click on Verify Domain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the general steps for meta-tag verification?

All you need to do is access your website's HTML file and add a line of code, provided by Facebook, to its <head> section.

What are the general steps for HTML verification file?

You'll need to download an HTML file provided by Facebook, and upload it into your website's root directory (the folder in which you can find your homepage HTML file).

What is DNS verification?

The verification via DNS (Domain Name System) It's a method that adds TXT records on your website that will attest to its ownership and security. It works almost the same way as the HTML file.

How do I verify a domain with DNS?

You need to open your website's DNS records section and add a TXT record containing info provided by Facebook.

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