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Commerce Inbox: Unleash the potential of conversational commerce to grow your business
Commerce Inbox: Unleash the potential of conversational commerce to grow your business

Everything you need to know about the new Commerce Inbox

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With the growing volume of messages across different channels including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger, many businesses have been struggling to be responsive to provide the right answers that their customers might need before making a purchase.

The success of local businesses is forged on their ability to create long-lasting relationships with customers, and in most cases, they start with conversations. Businesses know that answering customers on time, providing assistance and recommendations, and listening to their feedback, can heavily influence whether they make a purchase or not.

That's why we built the Commerce Inbox—to help you build better relationships with your customers and grow your business with conversational commerce experiences.

What is Commerce Inbox?

In simple terms—it's all your communications in one place. With the Commerce Inbox, all your conversations from WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger (coming soon) can be managed within your dashboard to help you engage with your customers and social media followers, provide personalized real-time support, and drive sales directly from conversations.

What can I find in the Commerce Inbox?

All conversations in one place

Save time and stop jumping between multiple apps by managing all your WhatsApp conversations, Instagram MDs and Messenger chats in one place.

Customer profiles

Know who you are talking to on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram at any time. View your customer’s profile and purchase history within the live conversation.

Automated replies

Create automated replies for the most frequently asked questions. Reduce response time and deliver the right answer with no effort.

Payment links

Create and share payment links via WhatsApp to enable your customers to securely pay for their orders online.

Product catalog

Share your product catalog on WhatsApp and Instagram DMs and help your customers discover and buy your products faster.

Shipping updates

Send personalized shipping updates via WhatsApp to keep customers informed on their order status.

How can I activate my Commerce Inbox?

The following articles go into more detail on how to set up the different channels available in the Commerce Inbox.

Who can use the Commerce Inbox?

The Commerce Inbox is available for all businesses using ChatFood. If you don't have an account, create your free account today and start experiencing the potential of conversational commerce in your businesses.

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