NEW! Multiple Payments is Live!

Now, you can create a single link and define how many payments you want to get for it. Share the same link with many people and get paid fast and easy!

Payment Links allow you to create a payment landing page for your customers and share the link with them to sell anything you want online. Together with our Commerce Inbox, it is the swiftest way to go from a chat to a sale then to a payment collection in a few minutes. For more information on the financial rules for the Payment Links feature, please refer to ChatFood Payments section.

Find here all details related to this feature!

Case Scenarios: solve your need for Payment Links

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  • I take orders offline, by phone or Whatsapp ➡️

  • I do events in my stores for a limited number of people ➡️

  • I book limited seats for events like matches, sports, brunches ➡️

  • I only know the price after preparing the product (#butchery #cakes #bakery) ➡️

  • I offer one-time services, like Catering or Home Services ➡️

  • I participate in pop-up events offering partial menus ➡️

  • I would like to show live QR code to my customer to pay ➡️

  • I offer Meal Plans or pre-agreed meals packs ➡️

Create and Share a Payment Link

It is straightforward to follow the screen steps. Nevertheless, here is a video 😃

What will my customer see?

All the customer needs to do is log in/register, select or add a credit card and click to pay:

How do I know when a Link got paid? How do I recheck it in the future?

You and your customer receive an email once a payment transaction is done successfully for each payment request.

After that, or instead of that, you can check your Payments List and look at the payment status.

Also, the payments against a link get recorded and detailed at the customer level, inside each Payment Request detail page (click the row for the link you want, in the list table view).

I set up a link with Multiple Payments (Number of Uses > 1). How do I see who is paying?

By accessing the link details, at the bottom you will find a table containing all the details about who paid and when they paid.

How will the money get transferred to me?

The Payment Links are supported by ChatFood Payments and all its rules. For terms of payouts, check this section as well. You will see the payment links described separately in your SOA, and in case of multiple payment links, any payment done against a link inside your payout period will be included.

Case Scenarios

I take orders offline, by phone, or Whatsapp

Payment Links is the perfect tool for you to charge your customers. In this case, all you need to do is input the amount and details relevant to the orders you take offline and share the link with your customer via Whatsapp so that they can pay it. It is up to you to decide to prepare the order before or after the payment has been confirmed. ⬆️

💡 Using Whatsapp for sales or customer relationship?

Check our Commerce Inbox feature and improve your services!

I book limited seats for events like matches, sports, brunches

Whenever hosting events where you sell seats or slots for the same given price, you can set up Payment Links using a high Number of Uses, and publish that link in your newsletters, flyers, etc, instructing your customers to click-to-pay and automatically save a seat for themselves.

Then follow the number of payments received in your Dashboard, so you can control your bookings and reservations accordingly.


I only know the price after preparing the product (#butchery #cakes #bakery)

You can accept the order via the ordering system (offline payment) or offline channel (phone, message) and then cut the meat or prepare the special cake. Once you have the final cost, create a payment link and send it to your customer to complete the transaction. ⬆️

I offer one-time services, like Catering or Home Services

Payment Links is the feature for you! No more need to align on cash or bank transfer. Instead, set up a link and get paid in minutes. You can decide to set up two links, making 50-50 payments. Share one when you shake hands and the second when the service has been provided.

Performing home services like cleaning, plumbing, AC fixing? Here is your solution to avoid lengthy bank transfers and all that IBAN typing (so many typos!). Send to your customers a payment link once the service is done and the price is known. You can even do it before leaving the premises, from your phone, and show a QR Code to your customers right there at the door. ⬆️

I participate in pop-up events offering partial menus

If you haven't set up a menu via ChatFood for this, you can easily add the amount and a reference for every sale you do and show a QR Code to your customer right there while the cook prepares their meal. No more cash shortage forgot my card home, etc. From phone to phone (or tablet to phone), your access to payment is right in your hands.
If what you are selling has the same price, or only a few different prices are available, you can set up a multiple number of uses for the links and get paid many times for the same link! ⬆️

I would like to show a live QR Code to my customer to pay

QR Code is trending, and we know that. Payment Links by ChatFood got you covered. If you want to, you can set a payment link up and click View QR Code. There you go, it will pop up on your device screen, and you can show it to your customer right there. No delays, no cash, no hassles of any kind. ⬆️

I offer Meal Plans or pre-agreed meals packs

We still recommend you to set up your plans using the ChatFood menu, and if payment is an issue, you can set them with 0 costs so that you can send your customer a Payment Link later, after all, confirmations and "OKs" have been said.

Also, you can set up your website to show and capture your Meals orders without the need to sign and integrate another payment solution there. Gather your orders via chat and share the payment links right there as a message. Don't worry; they look nice in any chat! ⬆️

I do events in my stores for a limited number of people

You can set up a link to receive multiple payments instead of just a single one!
When creating a link, set the number of uses to as many slots or seats you are offering in your event or service. The link will then accept that many payments, and will close itself automatically after the number of uses set has been reached. Stay tuned to our updates and feature releases! ⬆️

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