Before connecting ChatFood to your Instagram and Facebook accounts, you must have a custom (white-labeled) domain name for your ordering page. Also, if you want to use this link anywhere else, it'll have your brand name so people can recognize it right away. :)

The first step is to set up a subdomain.If you already have a domain, e.g.,, follow these steps in the portal that you purchased your domain, such as

1. Go to Records and fill out the fields with the following details:


Host: Order

Points to:

By completing this step, your subdomain will be created as

💡You can verify here that your subdomain is working by selecting CNAME and typing your subdomain to see the results.

If there was a problem setting up your subdomain, then it will show Record not found!. Give it a few minutes and check again just to be sure.

This is what will be displayed when you have successfully created your subdomain.

2. Email us your subdomain at [email protected]. One of our team members will respond and provide you with your custom domain.

3. Once you have your custom subdomain, you can begin setting up your Facebook and Instagram Shops.

⚠️ These are general instructions, and the steps may differ from hosts like,,, etc.

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If you need help, reach out to us via live chat on your dashboard. We'll be happy to assist you. 😉

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